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Greetings and welcome to the kittytopx86 website, I am Kitty, a bowtied cattop that has an interest in a variety of retro technology.
Contact me:
Discord: kittytopx86#2130

Social Networking Accounts  Links to the various kittytopx86 social networking accounts.

YouTube account.YouTube
Twitter account.Twitter
GitHub account.GitHub
Reddit account.Reddit

Projects  Various projects that I contribute to.

PPCP-AppCatalog (Pocket PC Planet App Catalog)
The Pocket PC Planet App Catalog queries results from the Pocket PC Planet archive to create a Pocket PC optimized app catalog.
The Digital Lodge Bot (Discord bot)
A Discord bot intended for use in The Digital Bowtie Lodge Discord server.
Surfers-Side (PPCP-AppCatalog)
The server-side component of PPCP-AppManager, built using PHP and MySQL technology.

Resources  Various resources for a variety of devices.

The Digital Bowtie Lodge Discord server
Interested in partaking within discussion of a variety of topics ranging from retro technology to everything in-between? Join The Digital Bowtie Lodge.
kittytopx86 Windows Mobile archive
An archive that contains various Windows Mobile applications and tools, updated semi-regularly.
Pocket PC Planet
Pocket PC Planet is a project with the goal of preserving the history of Pocket PCs.